PEM E200

Low profile submersible lightfixture with internal polished stainless steel parabolic reflector providing a vertical rectangular light output along the axis to the lamp base with maximum light concentration on center of solitary vertical spray effects. By using the stand assembly B8 the axis of the lightfixture can be rotated by 90 degrees providing a rectangular horizontal light output for spray rings or waterfalls.

LAMP, Quartz Halogen - OPTIONAL
T4-MC: 120v / 240v max 250w, Mini Candelabra E11 base
JC: 12v or 24v 6.35-1.0 base, max 100w at 12v and 150w at 24v

FIXTURE HOUSING: Cast Bronze. Stainless Steel fitted

FACEPLATE for flush into concrete surface installation within grout frame. Bronze Casting with natural finish. Stainless Steel fitted

REFLECTOR: Corrosion and heat resistant Stainless Steel highly polished parabolic surface beneath lamp and protective shielding over electrical components.

T4-MC: 120V / 240V fixtures: Ceramic, mini-candelabra screw base, E11.
JC : G6.35-1.0, 2 Pin base.
-36: Fork terminals for screw connection of lamps.

LENS: 143mm / 5.625" Diameter.
STANDARD: Convex cast glass, heat resistant and tempered. Clear or 5 colors.
OPTIONAL: Convex Dichro Colour Lens, in 10 colours
OPTIONAL: Lens Shade for Dichro Colour Lens

LENS GASKET: High Temperature Silicone Rubber, Single U shaped gasket with unique safety sealing lips and contours.

ELECTRICAL CABLE: Approved for the purpose with integral epoxy encapsulated, compression type cable entry in factory assembled fixtures.

THERMAL CUT OFF: Optional: For 120V & 240V fixtures only



Measured in open air 6.56 feet from clear lens without rockguard!

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