PEM 800 Stream Jets

PEM Brass Stream Jets, directional adjustable with built in ABS Multi Vane Flow Straightener. For higher pressure or saltwater (sea water) applications please consult catalog for other PEM 800 Series Jets in Bronze or custom made in 316 Stainless Steel. Chrome Plating of jets is available at extra cost, please request quotation.

Perhaps the most familiar example of PEM 800 stream jets in action is the Olympic Rings fountain in Centennial Park in Atlanta, Georgia.

You should always consult a professional, like the folks at Coastal, with fountain equipment, especially with something like this:

This PEM 876 C/S shoots up to 296 feet.

PEM Stream Jets are very simple devices, having a large opening in the back where the pipe connects into and a small opening at front, the nozzle orifice where the water comes out. The stream ejected from a stream jet reflects the quality of the water inserted into the jet. If the feed water is twisting or turbulent, the stream will be twisting and breaking up close to the jet orifice. PEM Flow straighteners installed into the supply pipe to the jet as per manufacturer's direction might smoothen out most inflows.

REMEMBER: What goes up will also come down, sometimes with a vengeance!

There are numerous sizes in the PEM 800 Series Stream Jets. It's best if you contact Coastal directly for assistance.

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