PEM 125 M2 Jumping Jets

For controlled moments of time and intervals, the new low voltage (12 or 24 VDC) control mechanism within the jet assembly permits the passage of a stream of water for an adjustable length of time, usually a fraction of a second, thereby creating a piece of a solid stream or rod of water, its length and intervals of ejection is electronically controlled on a selected trajectory at desired intervals.

From a laminar, full length solid stream to rods of 1.0m in length or shorter , the water travels through the air on it trajectory. In multiple jet installation. All jets are to interact as desired, this is achieved through computer programming. For musical spray effects, the (inter)action of the individual jets are either pre-programmed or by sound frequency controls. As the water supply discharges continuously inside of the assembly housing, the same must be installed so that it can drain at all times. The lower lip of the in pool installed jet assembly housing must be a minimum of appr. 150mm (6.0") above a standing waterlevel to permit fast and complete drainage of the discharge from within the assembly. For dry installed jets a minimum 2" (50mm) self draining pipe back into the pool must be provided. Angular application jets ( to maximum of 60 degree) cannot be used for higher angle or vertical applications, as different drop catchers and nozzles are required. All in children's playground Jumping Jet installations to be in controlled access & continuous supervised locations only with source of jumping water inaccessible to small children.

Performances (Standard 0.394in. Nozzle)
55˚ off horizontal

Distance (ft.): 8.2 9.8 11.5 13.1 14.8 16.4
GPM 4.6 5.0 5.5 6.0 6.6 7.1

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