PEM Overflow Standpipes

PEM 6220 Series Overflow Stand Pipes and Drains are made of bronze, brass and/or copper and are stainless steel fitted. The domes are natural bronze. Chrome plating of dome and/or stand pipe at extra cost.

Stand pipes 62201 and -05, 62202 and -05, 62203 and -05 and also 62204 and -05 are supplied as standard for 16in. water5 depth and with debris screen to fit into base. This is to keep bottom debris out of drain, when the stand pipe is lifted. For other water depths, the stand pipes can be custom made to suit at extra cost. X-type stand pipes and drains consist of base adapter with solder fit for copper tube plus the dome or cover. The copper tube and assembly is by supplier or contractor to suit.

For water depths greater than Two (2) feet, the -05 threaded option is required to be able to remove the stand pipe. Standard stand pipes and drains have slip-in joints with O ring seals. Stand pipes and drains with -05 options have threaded connections with O ring seal.

For absorption capacity use waterfall data x overflow weir length (as shown for each size) x maximum freeboard before overflowing. Where required use multiple overflows. The general purpose of the overflow standpipe is to prevent the overflowing of the pool and when lifted to drain a pool. Base, pipe connection size can be tabulated from overflow rate x head pressure of water depth of pool. The absorption rates shown are average and might vary due to climatic conditions at the site. The overflow must be large enough to drain off the water in an emergency, should the make up water supply fail to close.

All stand pipes (but the X type, are made vandal resistant by bolting down the domes with center rods to the base. In addition, the domes are secured with anti-theft lockscrews to prevent the unscrewing of the domes or covers.