PEM E41 Niche Submersible Light Fixture (12v MR-16)

  • Model: PEM-E0041LV15
  • Manufactured by: PEM

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A high intensity lightfixture, ball joint mounted in niche that can be externally directionally adjusted after installation to a max. of 30 degrees included angle within a 360 degrees range. Grout frame of niche permits flush installation into concrete surface. Large vent openings in facering are to promote cooling water or air circulation around fixture in niche.


  • LV, UL/CSA/CE, 12V, (For MR 16 Lamps). max. 12V max. 75W
LAMP: Quartz Halogen-OPTIONAL. Not part of fixture

  • LV- 12V: MR16(50mm), GX5.3 base with Aluminized Reflector
LENSES: CONVEX LENS: 80mm / 3.149" O.D. Tempered cast boron silicate glass with amplifying output, fresnels on inside center of lens. Available in clear or 5 colors

LENS GASKET: Custom molded U shape high temperature Silicone Rubber.

15 foot cables

NICHE: Standard Spun stainless steel with cast bronze face and anchor rings, Stainless Steel fitted. Cable entry through side, combination conduit entry, 3/4" male NPT / BSP, 1/2" female NPT / BSP and removable internal cordseal. Enquire for other applications. Niche has 2 tie up anchors for mounting to concrete form with bare solid copper wire All cast bronze Niche for in concrete application, no Liner Clamp.