PEM 294C 3-tier Diameter and Height Adjustable (3in.)

  • Model: 506-6450
  • Manufactured by: PEM

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Spray diameter (H) is fully adjustable from 10% to over 100% of sprayheight (V). All jets are directional adjustable to affect spray diameter. The center jet is supply flow controlled. The intermediate ring of jets and the outer ring of jets are individually adjustable with flow controls located in the top of the sprayhead. The Sprayheads are made of brass and bronze, stainless steel fitted with Neoprene and EDM seals.
  • 3in. Pipe Size
  • 7.30in. Overall Height
  • 10.24in. Overall Diameter
  • 0.125in. Suction Screen
  • 1x 0.50in. Nozzle and 36x 0.25in. Nozzles

PEM 294C Performances (3in.)

Spray Height (ft.) Flow (GPM) Nozzle Pressure
6 101 10
10 107 12
15 130 18
20 162 24
30 204 36
40 271 48