PEM J11 Junction Box (Flush Mounted)

  • Model: #363-30050Series

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The PEM J11 JUNCTION BOX is very shallow and has a square grout frame to permit best integration into ornamental square tiled surfaces. The power supply can enter the box from the bottom or the side. (Junction Box interconnection of several boxes is possible with 20mm / 3/4" PVC conduit.) The PEM J11 JUNCTION BOX is made of cast bronze and is stainless steel fitted. Each has a cast gasket in place and internal and external ground / earth connections. The Junction box is equipped with grout frame for flush surface installation. Chrome-plating of box is available at extra cost.

All tappings should be specified.

All connected supply conduits must be self draining in visible locations.
All threaded connections must have a suitable watertight thread sealant.

  • Bottom Tapping: 1 Hole
  • Conduit Inlet: 1/2in. , 3/4in., 1in. or 1-1/2in.
  • Side Tappings: Max of 8 but not adjacent to a conduit
  • Max 8 x 1/2in. NPT Side Outlets
  • Max 8 x 3/4in. NPT Side Outlets
  • Special tapping for metric electrical threads of similar size: specify size!