PEM J36 Submersible Junction Box

  • Model: #J36_Box
  • Manufactured by: PEM

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PEM J36 Submersible Junction Box is designed for use with non-metallic conduits for submersible lightfixture niches installed into pool floors. It permits internal in conduit bonding of fixtures / fixture niches to the main ground in addition to internal fixture grounding. The junction box receives open 3/4" conduits (max. of 6) with fixture cable and bare ground wire providing connection for the ground wires in the flooded lower chamber conduit compartment and for the electrical cables to the power supply in the dry sealed watertight upper compartment. There is an internal drain valve for the conduit compartment with an operating handle extending into the upper electrical compartment permitting the draining of the flooded conduit compartment. This permits fixture replacement or service work without water entering the electrical junction box and supply conduit. To operate = Drain the pool. The area around the junction box cover must be dry. Open junction box and open the drain valve with a screw driver. Observe water in niches draining out. Once dry, open all cordseals, disconnect grounds, then with lift bolts open the conduit compartment. Test completed replacement , then close the cover. If necessary grease the 'O' ring seal, close the cordseals, re-connect the grounds, make the electrical connections and close the cover. A 3/4" female NPT / BSP drain connection is provided The drain pipe shall be 1 1/2" or larger. The supply conduit(s) shall be self-draining in a visible location. The threaded NPT supply conduit connections must be made watertight with suitable thread sealant or teflon tape. Potting compounds must be the approved non shrinking and completely removable type. In freezing climates the conduits from the niches, the lower part of the PEM J36 Junction box and the drain to below frost level must be heat wire traced. (For winter maintenance - drain the pool, open the junction box, open the drain and then close junction box, DO NOT FORGET TO CLOSE THE DRAIN AGAIN IN THE SPRING ! )

PEM J36 is custom made to given specifications:
Specify: Number and size of supply conduits (Max. 1") / number of niche conduits (Max. of 6 ). If less than 6 niche conduits are specified please specify C ... numbers for location of conduits. Non-corrosive NPT plugs must be used to close unused cordseal openings.

NOTE: The installation of this junction box must conform to all electrical codes applicable.

Typical Installation for Six (6) Lights around a Spray Jet