Pem 1in. Brass Conduit Stub Up

  • Model: PEM J62/-1
  • Manufactured by: PEM

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PEM Conduit Stub Ups for Submersible Junction Boxes

Stub Ups include 355mm 14in. length of pipe. Normally, No Leak Pipe Couplings are used to extend plastic pipe through concrete and into pool

PEM J60 Series Stub Ups are made from red brass, schedule 40 pipe, a cast bronze base brazed to a conduit, cast bronze, brass and stainless steel fitted ground connection. Membrane Clamp base has blind threaded openings for clamp bolts.

This is the PEM J60/-1 Conduit Stub Up.

This is the PEM J60 Conduit Stub Up shown with the Membrane Clamp and the Underdeck Clamp. You can see a better drawing of this at the bottom of the page.


Shown below is the PEM J60 Conduit Stub Up from a more technical viewpoint. Shown on this drawing are not only the J60/-1 Stub Up, but the /-2 Membrane Clamp Option and the /-3 Underdeck Clamp option.

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