PEM L101-16 Free Standing Single Level Sensor

  • Model: #444-4010
  • Manufactured by: PEM

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PEM L101-16 Free Standing Single Level Sensor

PEM L101-16 is made of cast bronze, brass and copper and is stainless steel fitted. PEM L101 - 16 single float switch sensor (when used by itself), operates on a 6.35mm/ 0.250" waterlevel differential. This sensor, when connected to a PEM L101 - 51 control panel, will operate a solenoid fill valve for water make up or when installed at a lower level can be used as safety shut off for electrical equipment in a fountain pond When two sensors are used, they are connected to a PEM L101-71 Control Panel, allowing for unlimited water make up or water make up & safety shut-off. Final waterlevel adjustment in a pool can be achieved when pool is filled by extending or contracting the sensor stand. In North America, the sensor must be fed through a separate conduit. Elsewhere, depending on codes, the sensor can be attached to a junction box, feeding underwater lights, or be supplied with long cable for outside of pool connection.

For U.L. listed water level controls, see PEM L104 Series.

For greater depths the sensor: PEM L101-17 (#444- 4110) is custom made to given specifications. This sensor has a heavy duty, 300mm/ 12.0" tripod stand.

A 12in. - 16in Height Adjustable Stand
B 10 inches
C 2 inches
D 1.750 inches
E Electrical Cable (16/3 STW or SOW)
Standard Length: 9 feet (Other lengths available)