PEM L104-100 Control Panel w/ Transformer (115v)

  • Model: #462-0010
  • Manufactured by: PEM

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PEM L104-100 Control Panel w/ Transformer (115v)


PEM L104 - 100 CONTROL when connected to a suitable PEM L104 Series Sensor will provide a dual stage waterlevel control
system. This control will operate a solenoid fill valve to maintain a constant operational waterlevel in a fountain pond and in
addition it has a low level safety shut off for the electrical equipment in a fountain pond, should the waterlevel drop below normal
operating depth. PEM L104 - 100 has a 24V-50VA safety power supply included for the direct operation of a 24V solenoid
fill valve in the water make up circuit. Indicating lights provide immediate status display. Green light is for Power 'ON', Yellow light
indicates water make up circuit is engaged. Red light indicates that the low level safety shut off circuit is engaged and will not
disengage until normal operating waterlevel is re-established. This control has a safety transformer for the sensor float switches,
providing 12 VDC . Time delayed 'ON' action of the water make up as of the safety shut off prevents rapid cycling due to wave
action in a fountain pond. The wall mounted control panel is within a NEMA Type 4 corrosion resistant polycarbonate enclosure.
Wiring to sensor assembly requires 4 unshielded #18 AWG size conductors. The installation must conform to all applicable
electrical codes.

1 Output, N.C. from Safety shut off circuit
2,3 Power Supply
4 Common for float switches sensors, 12 vdc
6 Return from Lowest Float Switch Sensor
5 Return from Intermediate Float Switch Sensor
7 Return from Highest Float Switch Sensor
8 (-)24 VAC Output for water make up circuit
9 (+)24 VAC output for water make up circuit
10 common for safety shut off circuit
11 output, N.O. from safety shut off circuit