PEM L104-48 Wall Mounted Sensor

  • Model: #463-0800
  • Manufactured by: PEM

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PEM L104-48 Wall Mounted Sensor

Combination Overflow, Level Sensor and Fill Inlet

The PEM L104 - 48 is made of cast bronze, brass and copper. It is stainless steel fitted and with a Neoprene 'O' ring seal. The PEM L104 - 48 wall mounted Multiple Float Switch Level Sensor combines 4 separate control devices in a compact unit with all components hidden from sight.

1. Adjustable Overflow, height adjustable, with 220 mm/8.66" overflow lip.
2. Automatic Water Make Up Float Switches, height adjustable 3.81mm/1.500"
3. Low Water Level Safety Shut Off Float Switches, height adjustable 38.1mm/1.500"
4. 3/4" Inlet for solenoid controlled water supply (Max.15 PSI, 1 Kpa, 1 bar.)

PEM L104- 48 Sensors are to be connected to PE L104-1 or L104 - 100 Waterlevel Controls. Sensors operate with safe 12 volts, low voltage. PEM L104- 48 Sensors are available with waterproofing Surface Flanges (601), or Tile Mask(-58) or Surface Membrane Clamp (60-2).

PEM L 104 - 48 are supplied as standard in natural bronze, chrome plating of face plate and Tile Mask is available at extra cost (Specify with order!). Installation must conform to all applicable electrical & plumbing codes.

  • A: 3in. NPS Overflow Pipe Connection
  • B: 1/2in. NPT Conduit connection for Water Level Sensors
  • C: 1/2in. NPT Alternate conduit connection (Specify)
  • D: 3/4in. NPT Solenoid Valve controlled fill connection (Max 15 PSI! Use pressure reducer in supply!)
  • Y: Range of Water Make Up Sensor (1.5 inches)
  • X: Range of Low Level shut off sensor (1.5 inches)