PEM 6216 Anti Vortex Suction Fitting (Metal Top)

  • Model: #610-3600
  • Manufactured by: PEM

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PEM 6216 Anti Vortex Suction Fitting (Metal Top)

PEM 6215V Valved Fitting is made of cast bronze, brass and stainless steel fasteners, factory fitted to choice of base. Suggested use if for shallow pools as suction or discharge fitting.

Flow regulating valve has non-rising stem and is used to balance flow if several fittings are used on a non-balanced flow manifold.

  • Effective Open Area: 22.5 sq. inches
  • Width of opening: 0.354 inches
  • With: 4in. of water over fitting = 50 GPM
  • With: 6in. of water over fitting = 60 GPM
  • With: 12in. of water over fitting = 80 GPM
  • With: 16in. of water over fitting = 120 GPM
  • With: 20in. of water over fitting = 150 GPM